So, how does a stylized session work, you wonder...


My goal is to promote creativity.  If you love your story and want to share it with the world then we will.  If you want to create a fictional piece about the life you were meant to have, we can.  If you just want to make time stand still and tell the story of now, we should.

I also love tapping into the minds of children and finding the stories they have in their heads.  All day every day, if you just listen to them in play, they are imagining, creating these worlds about them.  I love the idea of capturing just one of these stories for them to play the leading role in and memorialize that childhood stage with a book they can enjoy over and over.  Maybe even one day share with their children.



hawaiian girl with daylily on the beach | state college stylized photography


The first step to telling your story is to find your story.  Sometimes you already know your story and you've already written it, but sometimes you need a little help, or with kids they need to find the right one.  I've developed a series of questions to help you write and tell your story effectively and at our first meeting we can discuss this.


After that we plan your story.  From what you will wear to special props to fantastical locations.  We will plan every detail of the storyline and develop a mood board and a story board to collect our inspiration.  We can enlist the help of local professionals for services such as fashion design or alterations, hair, make up and even jewelry to make the stylized session complete.  This process can take weeks or sometimes months.



beautiful greenhouse setting for a stylized photography session | state college stylized photographer

When the day of the shoot arrives we will strategically plan our shots and time to maximize the photography and storytelling we can do.  Then you can relax and I will put together your book.  After previewing online, we will print the book and you will be able to easily share your photos and your story with the world.


It's simple, really.  And it's a beautiful gift - to share your story.  



Contact me to set up our first meeting and start your story today.